Using ssh over https for

Recently i tried to access my bitbucket repository from inside a corporate network which blocks all traffic on port 22. After several unsuccessful trials to simply use https, I looked for another possibility. The solution was quite simple: ssh over https

The default clone command of a repository will be something like:

git clone${YOURUSER}/${YOURPROJECT}.git

Thanks to this site: CraigTP’s Blog i found out that bitbucket provides access to ssh over port 443 with an alternative url:

In order to get access using ssh, I did this:

  1. Added my company account/email as a user to the according repository(becasue we also use git within the company)
  2. Registered with this mail and put my public ssh key to bitbucket
  3. Modified the .ssh/config as shown below
# Added content for ~/.ssh/config
   Port 443

This finally gave me access 🙂





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