Keeping active edges with synergy

Consider you have two screens right beside each other:

 Curly        Moe
-----------   |XXXXXXXXXXXXXX|
|         |   |              |
|         |   |              |
|         |   |              |
-----------   ----------------

X – marks a region where you want to have a non-switching region, e.g. if you have active edges or different monitor heights.

For this case, synergy supports ranges in the links section. The ranges are given as percentages. For the case above, to exclude a small portion of the screen Moe, use the following setup:

section: links
        # the full right edge of Curly is mapped to 5% - 100% of 
        # the left edge of Moe
        right        = Moe(5,100)
        # same config but for the other side
        left(5,100)  = Curly

Using this feature you can realize partial overlaps on both sides as well. For detailed information look at the full synergy config documentation: Synergy Text_Config



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