Redirecting the output of scp to a log file

Logging the output of scp (and similar commands) doesn’t work the straightforward way of a simple redirection because scp uses direct terminal codes and if it detects a redirection, it doesn’t output anything.

Fortunately there is a command called script which is able to simulate a terminal so the output could be recorded.

To trace the output of

scp $REMOTE_SERVER:~/test/test.file /dev/null

Wrap a script command around

# fetch the file, but don't store it locally
script -q -c "scp $REMOTE_SERVER:~/test/test.file /dev/null" 2>&1 | tee scpLog
# replace carriage return with newline
sed -i -e 's/\r/\n/g' scpLog

And your’e done

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