Find out which bad guy has fiddled on your workstation

Lastly i sat in a meeting and suddenly my vnc session to my workstation was killed. First, i thought we had some network problems, but i encountered my workstation was rebooted!

But how to figure out, who this was?

Luckily there’s a nice command called: last.

# Show last logged in users

This command basically uses the file /var/log/wtmp as it’s source. After a reboot this file seems to be rewritten, unfortunately.

# This file only goes back to the last reboot, so we need 
# to look around to find pevious version
ls /var/log/wtmp*

# => Output (filenames depend on your machine configuration, 
# i have a RHEL 7 box)

# the file itself is not human readable but could be used 
# as input for last
last -f /var/log/wtmp-20160114

Now could clearly see, who was the bad guy …

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