Escaping in ruby system calls

There are several ways to do a system call in ruby. The three most common are:

  • Backticks `…`
  • %x[ … ]
  • system(cmd,[args,…])

You can assign the result of such a call to a variable, e.g.

output = x%[pwd]

If you use special characters like ‘.’ , ‘|’ or ‘\’ they have to be escaped using a backslash before. Consider the following bash command line:

find . -name "*.pat" | xargs grep 'match\|loop' | sed "s/\.\/\(.*\.pat\):.*/\1/" | sort -u

To get the same result in ruby you have to call it like this:

output = %x[find . -name '*.pat' | xargs '/bin/grep' 'match\\\|loop' | sed 's/\\\.\\\/\\\(\.*pat\\\):\.*/\\1/' | sort -u]
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