== Profiling using the GNU profiler gprof ==

 – gcc (tested /w 4.2.3)
 – gprof (test /w 2.18.50)

1) Build/Link your executable using the gcc -pf option
  For most makefile based projects this could be done by adding
  CFLAGS="-pg" and/or CXXFLAGS="-pg" and LDFLAGS="-pg"
  to the make call
  For a standard makefile project:
   $ make CFLAGS="-pg" CXXFLAGS="-pg" LDFLAGS="-pg"

2) Change to the folder of the executabe and run it.
  This creates a file called gmon.out in the current directory.

3) Run: gprof ${Name_Of_Executable} > profile.txt
 -> This creates a simple textfile "profile.txt" which contains a nice
profile of the execution.

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