Takeover a running X11 Session

Taking over a local X11 session which is running on a linux box far away. Nevertheless, the box is accessible via vpn/ssh.

Try this:
Download / Install x11vnc using ssh on your remote box as described here

Connect to the remote box using ssh (here the local port 5904 is used)
ssh -L5904:localhost:5900 remote.address 
Start the X11 server taking over the session of the currently logged in user
x11vnc -find -auth guess
Start a VNC Client connecting to localhost:5904

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1 Response to Takeover a running X11 Session

  1. doclazy says:

    Version 0.9.13 allows to be started with: -display ${DISPLAYNO}
    e.g. x11vnc -display :0
    This also provides X11 session DISPLAX :0 as a vnc session.

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